Projet de bande dessinée intitulée The Kills Black

Dessin d'Antoine Kompf sur le personnage de Max
Dessin d'Antoine Kompf sur le personnage de Max

The Kills Black est un groupe de rock fictif que j'ai créé. Au départ, il nous représentait (Moi et mes 3 potes) puis j'ai décidé d'adapter ce groupe fictif en scénario de bd. 


Malheureusement, ce projet n'a jamais abouti par manque de temps et parceque je n'avais plus l'inspiration pour le construire.


Antoine Kompf (dessinateur et coloriste de talent) devait dessiner la bd.


Peut-être qu'un jour, je recommencerai à le peaufiner et à reprendre ce projet. 


The Kills Black s'est formé en 2008. Ils ont sortis un disque 45t (que j'avais fabriqué tout seul comme un grand!!!!) intitulé "Strange Peole (oui sans le p) et Rock Atituman.


Ils préparent un nouveau 45 t intitulé "Smatch" et "Welcome to London" 


The Kills Black tiennent à remercier leurs producteurs (fictifs) :


J-J. Goldman

P. McCartney

P. Obispo

J. Jackson

V. Lagaf

D. Boclinville

F. Walthéry

J. Mahy


E. Roka


Walt Disney



et L'Institut Notre Dame Heusy




Le premier (et dernier) 45t sans son
Le premier (et dernier) 45t sans son
Project « The Kills Black »
By Romain Pierre Giergen
It is the story of a famous rock band comprised of four young students.
The story takes place in a Los Angeles school. 
« The Kills Black » became the most popular band of all time. But their true identities are unknown because they mask their faces with make-up ala the rock band KISS, the band they’ve modeled themselves after.  There is a rumor circulating that they are vampires....  But they are not.  Or are they...?
The members of the band are:
Max : The singer and guitarist of the band, he is the youngest member of the band.  He has a lot of success with girls and he is very intelligent. Max is, in real life, a charming boy, blond with gel in his hair, he is in love with a girl named Line but she has no interest in Max. But she  is attracted to his alter-ego in the band of « The Kills Black ».
Tylor (the drummer of the band). He is big and wears glasses.At school, everybody laughs at him because of his size.  Everybody except Max . He is 20 and he is fan of photography.
Erik (plays synthesizer in the band), He is an arabic foreigner. He is very sociable at school and proudly passes all his exams. He's 19 years old
Jordan (the other guitarist of the band). He has some problems. He uses drugs and drinks a lot of alcohol. He is very challenging and everybody hates him at school.
So the story talks about these 4 students, of their double identity, and of their problems.
Other characters include:
Line : She’s the most beautiful girl at school, arrogant, liar, intelligent, Max is in love with her. She manipulates him.  Her boyfriend is Karl but she’s in love with the leader of the kills black.
Karl:  He’s a hefty man with Dutch origins.  He is 19 and the rival of Max. They often fight.
There is a fan club for The Kills Black with a lot of crazy girls at the school as members
There is some crazy professors, each with very different personalities.  They don't know the secret of Max and his band. The french
professor is very nice but the mathematics teacher is crazy and aggressive.
Mr X:  He is the manager of the rock band, he always wears sunglasses like the others members of The Kills Black. He has a mustache and wears a cowboy hat .